Serving dish (large) Rinpa Ko-Imari style
Serving dish (large) Rinpa Ko-Imari style
Serving dish (large) Rinpa Ko-Imari style
Serving dish (large) Rinpa Ko-Imari style
Serving dish (large) Rinpa Ko-Imari style

Serving dish (large) Rinpa Ko-Imari style

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The bold composition of the works uses elegant brushstrokes and color to depict familiar subjects such as flowers and garden plants in a spontaneous manner. Truly, the Rinpa art style, perfected by Korin Ogata, is one of the pinnacles of Edo culture. “Rinpa Ko-Imari” is a continuation of this style, and its designs have blossomed through the devotion and passion of potters. The elegant beauty of this style based on indigo reflects the heart of the Japanese people.

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