Please enjoy the works of Yamanaka lacquerware and Kinsai,
which are made with great care using precious natural materials.


Founded in 1902
What is Yamanaka lacquerware that Kinsai aims for?
It is said that long ago, the upper reaches of the Daishoji River, which flows through Yamanaka Onsen, was rich in high-quality trees such as zelkova and horse chestnut, which are used as materials for lacquerware. Yamanaka lacquerware is said to have started when potter's wheel craftsmen moved here in search of high-quality wood.
Kitaro, the first Wada Kinsai, was a lacquer maker of Yamanaka lacquerware. Kinsai was founded in 1902 by Kinsai Wada, the founder, and since then has trained many lacquer craft technicians.
Inheriting that intention, we have inherited the original technology and identity of Yamanaka Lacquerware.
Inheriting the intentions of our predecessors, Kinsai continues to produce with a manufacturing method based on vertical wood cutting, traditional potter's wheel technology, and a group of woodworkers and lacquerers with high skills in the area of Yamanaka Onsen.

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