Our ideal is to develop products that help women in their quest for “beauty” using Hakuichi’s “gold leaf”. This is why we have named our store “BIHAKU”, from the Japanese characters for “beauty” and “gold leaf”.

In 1976, Hakuichi became the first company to manufacture oil blotting paper using the Gold Leaf Paper Pounding Method in Japan. Our quest to produce cosmetic products for women’s beauty started with oil blotting paper, and has today expanded to encompass all aspects of skin care. After painstakingly conducting research to realize the supple and fresh skin that Japanese women naturally possess, we have arrived at the conclusion that the answer lies in the power of plants which have been popular in Japan for a long time. Making use of the power of plants, Hakuichi’s cosmetic products are gentle on the skin of Japanese women, and are enriched with plant extracts that revitalize, moisturize, and soften our skin while also acting as an antiseptic. To help people age gracefully and beautifully every day, regardless of age or skin type ? that is the essence of Hakuichi’s cosmetic products.