About Us

Japan has a beautiful manufacturing tradition and culture

That tradition has been handed down for a long time as valuable culture.

We deliver traditional handicrafts, whose characteristics were inherited through superior and reliable techniques, to people throughout the world.


What is "ichigo ichie" ?

An "ichigo ichie (once-in-a-lifetime encounter)" means an opportunity that arises only once in a lifetime. The opportunity is limited to one time in all one's life. The term means to devote oneself to that opportunity, taking into consideration that the opportunity will occur no more than once in all one's life. The term originally expressed an awareness of the tea ceremony and means that both the host and the guests should do their utmost in giving their good faith efforts, being aware that every tea ceremony occurs once in a lifetime.

Our Thoughts

In Japan, techniques to create wonderful traditional handicrafts have been handed down for more than 400 years.
Recently, due to the lack of successors and the spread of mass-produced goods, a great crisis has arrived for that succession. And this crisis has become a big problem in the industry.
However, the handmade products completed one by one by skillful artisans are all elaborate, beautiful, and original high-quality masterpieces.
Therefore, by introducing everyone to genuine articles that we handpicked, you will cherish the use of traditional Japanese handicrafts as a part of your life. And we will contribute toward being able to help the "survival of techniques, succession, the training of artisans, and the elevation of their status."
We want everyone in the world to understand traditional Japanese culture and the level of its techniques. And we want to spread the virtues of traditional handicrafts that are kind to the Earth and will be loved carefully for a long time.