Bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners Yuikarakusa (gold)
Bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners Yuikarakusa (gold)
Bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners Yuikarakusa (gold)
Bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners Yuikarakusa (gold)
Bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners Yuikarakusa (gold)

Bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners Yuikarakusa (gold)

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The "Yui Karakusa" series makes it possible to enjoy traditional Nabeshima patterns and Japanese shapes at the modern dinner table.
The "Karakusa" arabesque patterns used in the "Nabeshima Clan Kiln" style, one of the three representative styles of Arita porcelain, have been arranged in a modern manner.
We named it "Yuikarakusa" because of its look, which is reminiscent of plaited cords tied together.
The series has adopted the "hanagata" flower shape, "nadegaku" round corners, and "yotsuba" four-leafed clover shapes which have been popular in Japanese tableware since ancient times.

Although this bowl with "Nadegaku" round corners has a modern shape with a straight rise, it retains a soft shape and a traditional Japanese feel. It can be used for a wide range of dishes such as pasta, curry, salad, bread and Temari (Ball) Sushi.

*Please note that the shape's characteristics mean that the edges of individuals plates will bulge slightly differently.

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