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【History of the product】

Wood inlay is a traditional technique in which various types of trees are cut along a pattern and then inlaid onto a single piece of wood to create a picture or design.

It is produced following the production method of Kanagawa Prefecture's traditional craft "Hakone wood inlay".

It has been produced in Hakone since 1889.

 【Features and Design】

Nishikigoi is a variety of koi carp bred for decorative purposes.

They are also known as “living gems” and “swimming art”. Koi carp has also been regarded as a fish that brings good luck since ancient times, and it is also a fish that is known by different names in different phases of its growth.

The beautiful wood grain of the background is comparable to water, in which red and white koi carp swim freely.

The scales of the white koi carp are also expressed in the inlaid wood in this work.

Six materials are used: horse chestnut, red camphor, motinoki, kobushi, walnut, and kaya. Production time is 14 days.

【Usage and how to use it】

Ideal for interior decoration or as a gift. We invite you to take a look at the beauty of the natural wood color and grain without coloring, and the delicate wood inlay paintings (Marquetry Art) that have evolved uniquely in Hakone, Japan.

Size 32 cm (length) X 26 cm (width) X 3 cm (thickness)

L 32cm x W 26cm x D 3cm

Natural wood

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