Oak Wine Cup Wing Shape Natural

Oak Wine Cup Wing Shape Natural 1 piece [Size: 7.0cm diameter, 14.0cm height]

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History of the product

Yamanaka Onsen in the Kaga region of Ishikawa Prefecture is famous as a hot spring resort in the Hokuriku region, with the Daishoji River, the Tsurusenkei River, and the Korogibashi Bridge in the background, which is beautiful in all four seasons, including fresh green leaves, red leaves, and white snow.

Yamanaka lacquerware has developed from the birthplace of the woodworking process. Yamanaka lacquerware is characterized by its superior wood grain, which is produced with a sophisticated technique that differs from that of other production centers, utilizing thin and striated techniques.

The major difference between Yamanaka lacquerware and the wood of other regions is the way in which the material is taken from the wood, known as vertical mokkiri.

 【Features and Design】

"Oak is not often used for lacquerware because of its small quantity as a material.

The vertical wood is used for its low deformation and resistance to splitting, which is a characteristic of Yamanaka lacquerware, The wood is finished with Yamanaka Lacquerware's rokuro technique.

The beautiful grain patterns of the wood are characteristic of each tree.

The contrast of black and white in oak wood is striking. Kashi wood has a distinctive grain contrast of black and white.

The pattern, which looks like a peony flower when viewed from above, is a beauty that only oak wood can offer.

The natural urethane finish of this featherback cup can be used not only as a sake cup, but also for many other purposes."

【Usage and how to use it】

Please enjoy it for everyday use.

【Size】φ:7.0 X:14.0 (φ: diameter X: height unit: cm)

φ7.0cm H14.0cm

Wood, lacquer

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