KINKA Gold Nano Essence N

KINKA Gold Nano Essence N

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【Features and Design】

"This jelly-like serum contains luxurious moisturizing ingredients that keep skin firm and thoroughly hydrated.

It blends seamlessly into the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The luxurious natural moisturizing ingredients include kuzu root extract, two types of collagen, platinum, aloe vera leaf extract, and other moisturizing ingredients.

It slowly heals the skin while you sleep and leaves it plump and glowing the next morning."

 【What is gold leaf】

Until a piece of brilliance is born.

Gold leaf is approximately 1/10,000 to 2 mm thin. The thinness is such that about 2 grams of gold can be stretched to the size of a tatami mat. To stretch gold leaf to its extreme thinness requires all kinds of factors, including excellent craftsmanship, paper preparation, which is said to determine gold leaf production, and a climate suitable for gold leaf production."

【Usage and how to use it】

[STEP.1] Use after preparing your skin with lotion, etc.

[STEP.2] Apply to both palms and smooth over the entire face as if gliding it on.

[STEP 3] Gently press down on the skin with the palms of your hands to support firm penetration.

[STEP 4] For the eye and mouth areas where dryness is a concern, apply a gentle layer with the palms of your fingers.

【Internal capacity】33ml


⚫︎Please do not use if you are allergic to metal.

⚫︎Do not use on areas with scars, rashes, eczema, or other abnormalities.

⚫︎If the product does not agree with your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.

⚫︎Please be careful not to get the gold leaf in your eyes. If it does get into your eyes, rinse immediately with water.

⚫︎Please use as soon as possible after opening the package. Do not store in direct sunlight or in extremely high or low temperatures.

⚫︎Keep out of reach of infants.

【STEP.1】Use this after preparing your skin using lotion, etc.
【STEP.2】Apply to the palms of both hands and smooth over your entire face.
【STEP.3】Press the skin gently with your palms to enable thorough penetration.
【STEP.4】Apply a gentle layer with your base part of the finger to areas where you are worried about dryness, such as around the eyes and mouth.

Water, BG, glycerin, trehalose, glycosyl trehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, kudzu root extract, aloe vera leaf extract, chlorella extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, natamycin, water-soluble collagen, platinum, polysorbate 80, water-soluble proteoglycan, gold, carbomer, arginine, phenoxyethanol.


KINKA moisturizing cosmetic products for women seeking beauty

In order to provide “moisture”, which is indispensable for fine, firm skin, all KINKA products are formulated with “gold”, which helps to retain moisture and increase elasticity in skin.

KINKA provides moisture to skin, protecting the beauty of women.

Point 01
The moisturizing power of “gold”

“Gold leaf ※” produced through Hakuichi’s thoroughly controlled process (ISO 9001 certified) is safe and of high quality. It improves the moisture retention of skin, leading to firm, elastic, and supple skin.

※ Moisturizing ingredient

The moisturizing power of “gold”
Point 02
Formulated with the popular moisturizing ingredient, “water-soluble proteoglycan”

Proteoglycan is an ingredient that naturally exists in human skin which acts to moisturize and revitalize skin.
With 1.3 times the moisture retention power of hyaluronic acid, proteoglycan helps to increase the firmness of skin while moisturizing it, right down to the epidermal layer.
Furthermore, proteoglycan’s ability to encourage cellular turnover (EFG-like action) stimulates skin reconstruction, leading to fine, clear, and supple skin.

Formulated with the popular moisturizing ingredient, “water-soluble proteoglycan”
Point 03
Paraben-free, fragrance-free, and colorant-free safe products

Our products are carefully formulated to be gentle on the skin so that our customers can use them with peace of mind. We do not use ingredients that may cause allergies, or unnecessary additives that mask the original color and fragrance of the ingredients. We are committed to ensuring that our products are paraben-free, fragrance-free, and colorant-free. (excluding some products)

Paraben-free, fragrance-free, and colorant-free safe products

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