Hanami-tori (bird and cherry blossoms) Valuables Box (B5)
Hanami-tori (bird and cherry blossoms) Valuables Box (B5)

Hanami-tori (bird and cherry blossoms) Valuables Box (B5)

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The Hanami-tori” (bird and cherry blossoms) series by Hakuichi was created by incorporating the traditional beauty of historical Japan. Birds nest in the flowers against the backdrop of handmade Kanazawa foil. The small birds and cherry blossoms are decorated with a unique decorating technique known as the "foil-raising technique”.

This perfectly finished craft has been delivered to many customers over the years. They make for great gifts, congratulatory gifts, and souvenirs for foreigners.

It was sent by Prime Minister Abe to President Trump at the Japan-USA summit in February 2017 and played an important role in the friendship between the two countries.


This was chosen as a souvenir of the U.S.-Japan summit.

An original Hakuichi ballpoint pen that exudes Japanese sentiment. There is a painting of a flapping crane in gold leaf with Japanese lacquer. It is a gorgeous design with a brilliant gold leaves and beautiful cranes. It was chosen as a souvenir for the Japan-USA summit in February 2017.


Compact decorative box useful for small items

This compact decorative box is useful for storing small items. It is recommended for those who want to keep their important belongings in a high-quality box. The inside is lined with cloth.


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As this is handmade, there is a possibility that the color and style may differ as compared to the photograph.


Wood, Kanazawa foil

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