Cacomi "Banreki(1 set of 2 pieces)
Cacomi "Banreki"
Cacomi "Banreki(1 set of 2 pieces)
Cacomi "Banreki(1 set of 2 pieces)
Cacomi "Banreki(1 set of 2 pieces)
Cacomi "Banreki(1 set of 2 pieces)

Cacomi "Banreki(1 set of 2 pieces)

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【History of the product】

Japan is a country that has nurtured a proud tradition of pottery. For about 400 years, the kilns have been burning in the town of Arita, the birthplace of porcelain. Arita has walked a 400-year history as the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, nurturing culture along the way. The designs of Arita-yaki, which have evolved based on tradition, seamlessly fit into modern lifestyles with their depth of history. The name "Cacomi" originates from the words "surrounding a pot" and "surrounding a dining table."

 【Features and Design】

The name "Cacomi" comes from the words "to gather around a hot pot" and "to gather around a table."

Created based on customer feedback, this is a small bowl with a step to hold condiments.

【Usage and how to use it】

The name "Cacomi" comes from the words "to surround a pot" and "to surround a dining table.

This is a small bowl with a step on which condiments can be placed, born from customer feedback. It can be used for a wide range of dishes such as tofu, simmered dishes, soups, and salads, not to mention nabe (hot pot). With the No.

1 repeat rate and many people using it, the series has sold more than 100,000 units in total."

【Size】 13.5 cm (diameter) X 5 cm (height)


A Note to Customers.

Our products are individually made by hand by our craftsmen.

Therefore, dimensions, shape, color, and pattern may vary individually due to firing and raw materials.

We inspect our products to ensure customer satisfaction, but we hope you will understand that shades of color, small splashes of paint, and distortion to a degree that does not affect the use of the product are characteristics of our vessels.

Also, please note that the color and texture of the product may vary slightly between the screen and the actual product depending on your monitor environment and browser."

※Sold as a set of 2 pieces (not sold individually)


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