Silver Yacht 5 Schooner
Silver Yacht 5 Schooner
Silver Yacht 5 Schooner
Silver Yacht 5 Schooner

Silver Yacht 5 Schooner

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【History of the product】

With the aim of "bringing precious metal arts and crafts to a wide range of people," Takehiko's gold and silver figurines and frames of yachts, treasure ships, sail boats, courtesy cars, helmets, fans, cranes, hammers, five-story pagodas, covered wagons, knights, etc., created by incorporating new techniques into traditional "hand" craft techniques, have been well-received by many people.

Currently, the technique has been passed down to Takehiko IV.

 【Features and Design】

"The sparkling sea, running smoothly with romance on board The elaborate and elegant silver ornaments created by the hands of traditional craftsmen are a particularly impressive piece of interior art.

The ``Yacht'' series has a wide variety of unique pieces that are full of charm. "

【Usage and how to use it】

All pieces are specially processed to ensure that the luster of sterling silver can be appreciated for many years to come.

silver figurine



As each item is handmade, the design, grain direction, dimensions of the product and case, etc. may differ slightly from those shown.



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