Mug: fruit (peach) (with lid and stainless steel tea strainer)
Mug: fruit (peach) (with lid and stainless steel tea strainer)

Mug: fruit (peach) (with lid and stainless steel tea strainer)

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【History of the product】

Japan is a country that has nurtured a proud tradition of pottery. For about 400 years, the kilns have been burning in the town of Arita, the birthplace of porcelain. Arita has walked a 400-year history as the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, nurturing culture along the way. The designs of Arita-yaki, which have evolved based on tradition, seamlessly fit into modern lifestyles with their depth of history. The name "Cacomi" originates from the words "surrounding a pot" and "surrounding a dining table."

 【Features and Design】

This design is representative of the Nabeshima domain kiln style, in which abstracted arabesques are applied to the entire surface of the vessel as a continuous pattern.

The "Fruits" series keeps the same composition, but arranges it with gilded arabesques, fruit patterns, and a delicate weave pattern.

The "Peach," which has long been depicted as a wish for longevity and to ward off bad luck, and the "Lemon," which has been popular in both the East and West, have been combined in vivid colors to create a new expression of Nabeshima.

【Usage and how to use it】

"This mug is neither too large nor too small, and was produced with the aim of creating a shape that fits comfortably in the hand and feels good on the palate. The elegant design is arranged in traditional patterns and is suitable for use by guests.

It will make your break time with a sigh of relief more colorful."


Mug:275 ml (full capacity), 8 cm (diameter) x 8.2 cm (height)

Lid: 8.5 cm (diameter) x 2 cm (height)

SS tea strainer: 7.5 cm (diameter) x 7.5 cm (height), 11 cm (width)


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