Mug: fruit (peach) (with lid and stainless steel tea strainer)
Mug: fruit (peach) (with lid and stainless steel tea strainer)

Mug: fruit (peach) (with lid and stainless steel tea strainer)

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The Kudamono (=fruit) series is a modern interpretation of the traditional design of polychrome Nabeshima ware.
This mug has been produced to be neither too large nor too small, and to have a shape that fits well in the hand and feels good on the palate.
The stylish design is arranged in a traditional pattern and is elegant enough for guests to use.
It will make your time to take a breather more festive.
Accessories are available for this mug.
-A lid made to fit the mug
The lid keeps hot beverages from getting cold, making it ideal for use while working remotely. It is also said that, when tea is served in a tea bag, simply steeping it with the lid on makes it taste better. You can also take the steamed side up and put the used tea bag there.
The lid has been meticulously designed to have a beautiful form on both the upper and lower sides.
-A lid that can also be used as a plate
The lid can also be used as a plate to put small teacakes or sugar cubes on.
-A stainless steel tea strainer with a handle, with no pot required
This stainless steel tea strainer has a fine mesh for filtering even the smallest tea leaves. It is also resistant to deformation and easy to wash. You can directly put green or black tea leaves into it and enjoy a cup of tea.
Brand: a Shobido-Honten original Kisen brand product.
Place of manufacture: Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
Mug itself
Microwaving: Not possible ×
Dishwasher use: Hand-washing recommended
(The paint may peel off due to rubbing after repeated washing.)
Microwaving: Possible
Dishwasher use: Possible


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