Painting of A Cat
Painting of A Cat
Painting of A Cat
Painting of A Cat
Painting of A Cat

Painting of A Cat

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【History of the product】

Wood inlay is a traditional technique in which various types of trees are cut along a pattern and then inlaid onto a single piece of wood to create a picture or design.

It is produced following the production method of Kanagawa Prefecture's traditional craft "Hakone wood inlay".

It has been produced in Hakone since 1889.

 【Features and Design】

“Painting of A Cat” is speculated to be one of the paintings from the “Nitta Cat Paintings” series, created by a minor hatamoto samurai during the Edo period as a means of earning money to pay for sankin-kotai.

The Nitta Cat Paintings were popular as charms for warding off mice, and as good-luck charms for silkworm farmers.

This subdued piece was made using two types of wood, walnut and Japanese arrowroot.

The fine lines making up the whiskers were made by inlaying wood, and the grain of the camphor wood used for the background is also a work of art in its own right.

Two materials are used: camphor and walnut.

Production time is 14 days.

【Usage and how to use it】

Ideal for interior decoration or as a gift.

We invite you to take a look at the beauty of the natural wood color and grain without coloring, and the delicate wood inlay paintings (Marquetry Art) that have evolved uniquely in Hakone, Japan.

Size 39 cm (length) X 30 cm (width) X 3 cm (thickness)

L 39cm x W 30cm x D 3cm

Natural wood

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