LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)
LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)
LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)
LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)
LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)
LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)
LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)

LUXE SILVER (Silver/Large)

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This art piece expresses the unique brilliance of silver foil.

This is a collection of 12 types of silver foil art pieces for interior decorations, which have been used for crafts, architectural decorations, and various art works. You can fully enjoy the variety of silver leaf expression and its luminosity, which can be compared to moonlight and evokes a sense of serenity.


Interior design featuring foil with a motif of the natural world

These panels, which feature a novel expression of decorative foil, can be used in a wide variety of spaces, both Japanese and Western.

You can enjoy the way the foil fades into the space with the passing of time.


Pursuing the potential of foil to the utmost limits

Nature such as trees, rocks, waterfalls, and lightning are portrayed through foil.

The texture of the material, which is the charm of foil, is given a textured appearance, which creates a whole new interior design and brings out a sense of unexpectedness.

When light shines through the foil, it creates a divine glow that is characteristic of foil and conveys the various charms of foil.


You may mount the included acrylic board according to your preference.


Notes on ordering

As this is handmade, there is a possibility that the color and style may differ as compared to the photograph.

This product is also sold in stores simultaneously, therefore, it may run out of stock before you place your order. We seek your kind understanding.

It takes about 2 months for the product to be shipped as it is made-to-order.


Precautions when using the product

We recommend that you install and store the product in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, as it may fade or discolor. Placing or storing the product in a hot and humid place or in an extremely dry place may cause damage to the product. Do not touch the products with wet hands.

525mm (H) x 410mm (W) x 40mm (D)

silver foil

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