Decorative dish White-eye bird on persimmon
Decorative dish White-eye bird on persimmon
Decorative dish White-eye bird on persimmon

Decorative dish White-eye bird on persimmon

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This elegant decorative dish depicts a scene of Japan.

It is painted with foil and foil powder using the "foil hand-painting technique," which brings out the appearance of a warm hand-written texture using a raised technique with a sense of inflection and fine lines.

The world view of the painter Hoitsu Sakai was analyzed and rewritten by Hakuichi in his own unique way.

While creating items that honor Japanese culture and customs, customs and sentiments that have been carefully passed down from generation to generation, we also create new ways of using Kanazawa foil and propose new arrangements that blend the masterpieces bequeathed by our predecessors into modern interiors.


A work of art created by a craftsman's skill

This decorative plate is a work of traditional beauty in which craftsmen depict Japanese sentiments and motifs one by one on a plate covered with gold leaf using the “foil-raising technique”. Elegant decorative plates create a sophisticated space.


Notes on ordering

This product is also sold in stores simultaneously, therefore, it may run out of stock before you place your order. We seek your kind understanding.

It takes about 3 months for the product to be shipped as it is made-to-order.


Precautions when using the product

We recommend that you install and store the product in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, as it may fade or discolor. Placing or storing the product in a hot and humid place or in an extremely dry place may cause damage to the product. Do not touch the products with wet hands.


Kanazawa foil,Wood

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