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【History of the product】

Wood inlay is a traditional technique in which various types of trees are cut along a pattern and then inlaid onto a single piece of wood to create a picture or design.

It is produced following the production method of Kanagawa Prefecture's traditional craft "Hakone wood inlay".

It has been produced in Hakone since 1889.

 【Features and Design】

Maneki-neko are said to have become widespread in the late Edo period as lucky charms that bring happiness and prosperity in business.

It is said that the right paw of maneki-neko beckons “money”, and the left paw beckons “people”, and that the higher the maneki-neko’s paws are relative to its ears, the further away it can beckon.

The coloring of its body can also have various different meanings.

This maneki-neko in this piece is an orthodox calico patterned cat, which is said to bring great fortune.

This maneki-neko created with wood is sure to bring a lot of happiness to its owner.

Eight materials are used: walnut, red camphor, kobushi, zelkova, hoo, kaya, jindai katsura, and cherry.

Production time is 21 days.

【Usage and how to use it】

Ideal for interior decoration or as a gift.

We invite you to take a look at the beauty of the natural wood color and grain without coloring, and the delicate wood inlay paintings (Marquetry Art) that have evolved uniquely in Hakone, Japan.

Size 32 cm (length) X 26 cm (width) X 3 cm (thickness)

L 32cm x W 26cm x D 3cm

Natural wood

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